Types Of Pool Covers

Pool covers come in various types, each offering specific benefits to pool owners. Safety pool covers provide a sturdy barrier to prevent accidental access to the pool, particularly crucial for families with children or pets. Automatic pool covers offer convenience with motorized systems for effortless opening and closing, enhancing safety and cleanliness Understanding the distinctions between these types of pool covers helps pool owners make informed decisions based on their specific needs and preferences.

”Pool covers aren’t just accessories; they’re guardians of cleanliness, guardians of safety, and guardians of relaxation, ensuring your oasis remains pristine and secure.”


PET & CHILD SAFETY                                  AUTOMATIC 



Safety pool covers work by providing a sturdy barrier over the surface of the pool, effectively preventing accidental access to the water. These covers are typically made from durable materials such as mesh or solid vinyl and are anchored securely to the pool deck using straps, anchors, or springs.

When properly installed and secured, a safety pool cover forms a tight seal over the pool, making it difficult for children, pets, or unauthorized individuals to enter the water. The cover is designed to support the weight of a person or animal, providing an added layer of protection against accidental submersion.

Automatic pool covers use a motorized reel system to smoothly retract or extend durable cover fabric over the pool’s surface. Equipped with safety features, they halt operation upon detecting obstacles. Controlled by a key switch or remote, these covers offer convenience, safety, and energy efficiency for pool owners.

The PoolLock V5M Easy Glide operates with a motorized system that smoothly opens and closes the pool cover along tracks installed on the pool’s sides. Controlled via remote or switch, it offers effortless operation and may include safety features like obstacle sensors for added security.

An automatic vinyl pool cover works by using a motorized roller to roll the cover on and off the pool’s surface. Controlled by a remote or switch, it provides convenient operation, offering protection and safety for the pool with minimal effort.


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