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An Introduction To Pool Covers

A pool cover is a protective barrier placed over a swimming pool, designed to provide several benefits. Typically made from durable materials like vinyl or mesh, pool covers serve as a shield against debris, leaves, and other unwanted elements, keeping the water clean and reducing maintenance. They also help retain heat, preventing heat loss and reducing energy costs associated with heating the pool. Additionally, pool covers enhance safety by acting as a barrier to prevent accidental access by children or pets, reducing the risk of drowning incidents. Overall, pool covers offer convenience, energy efficiency, and safety, making them an essential accessory for pool owners.

The Different Types Of Pool Covers

Safety Pool Covers: These covers provide a secure barrier to prevent accidental access to the pool, particularly for children and pets. They are typically made from durable materials like mesh or solid vinyl and are anchored securely to the pool deck.

Automatic Pool Covers: These covers operate with a motorized system, allowing for easy opening and closing at the touch of a button. They provide convenience and safety by automatically covering the pool when not in use.

The PoolLock V5M Easy Glide is an innovative and user-friendly pool cover system designed to provide effortless protection and convenience for your pool. With its advanced technology and smooth operation, this cover offers hassle-free opening and closing, ensuring safety and peace of mind for pool owners.

The Automatic Vinyl Safety Cover is a state-of-the-art pool cover system designed for maximum safety and convenience. Crafted from durable vinyl material, this cover automatically deploys and retracts with the touch of a button, offering unparalleled ease of use. Engineered to provide a secure barrier against accidents and debris, while seamlessly blending into the pool environment, it’s the ultimate solution for pool owners seeking both protection and aesthetics

The Benefits Of Pool Covers

Pool covers offer numerous benefits for pool owners. They keep the pool clean by preventing debris accumulation, reduce heat loss, and lower energy costs by retaining heat. Additionally, pool covers act as a safety barrier, preventing accidents and providing peace of mind, especially for families with children or pets. Overall, pool covers are essential accessories that contribute to a cleaner, safer, and more energy-efficient swimming pool experience.

Why Choose Us

Designer Pool Covers George stands out as the premier provider of pool cover systems in South Africa. With a decade of expertise and a position as industry frontrunners, Designer Pool Covers George delivers state-of-the-art automatic or manual swimming pool cover solutions tailored to each customer's requirements. Fueled by unwavering customer satisfaction and a strong base of returning clients, the company has experienced remarkable growth over the years

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Sarah Henning


We've been using Designer Pool Covers for years now, and we couldn't be happier with their products and service. Their automatic pool cover system has made maintenance a breeze, and their team is always there to assist whenever we need them. Highly recommend!

Mark Thompson

Cape Town

Designer Pool Covers truly lives up to their reputation as industry leaders. From the initial consultation to the installation of our manual pool cover, the process was smooth and hassle-free. Their attention to detail and commitment to quality are unparalleled. Our pool has never looked better!

David and Lisa Meyer


We recently upgraded to an automatic pool cover from Designer Pool Covers, and it's been a game-changer for us. Not only does it provide added safety for our family, but it also helps to conserve energy and maintain the temperature of our pool. Plus, the sleek design blends seamlessly with our outdoor space. Couldn't be happier with our decision!


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